Flower Care

When you receive your beautiful fresh flowers you should attend to them as soon as possible.

Cut 25mm off the bottom of the stems, cutting on an angle so the stem does not sit flat on the bottom of the vase. Add some flower food to the vase water and place you flowers in the vase.

You may leave the colourful wrap on the flowers or remove it, whichever you prefer. A bouquet of flowers will usually have the stems tied in a special way by the florist. We recommend you leave this tie on as it retains the shape of the bouquet.

Sometimes flowers, especially roses will arrive with the stems inside a small water filled sachet or bag. Always remove these before placing the flowers in the vase as these sachets only lrovide enough water for ths flowers for a few hours.

If your flowers arrive in a water filled container you can leave the flowers in the container and just check the water daily, topping up if necessary. 

For maximum flower life, do not place your flowers in direct sunlight, on or near heaters or in a draft.

How long your flowers will last depends on many things including: the weather on the day of delivery and how long the flowers are with the courier, the type of flower, where the flowers are placed, room temperature, flower food, topping up the water, etc. Generally your flowers should look good for about a week. To keep them looking their best, remove pollen from lillies, cut off the first blooms to wilt and change vase water if it becomes cloudy.

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